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2011 - Annual Book Post!!

This year I read 54 books! My goal was to reach 50, and I totally beat it! It helps that I read the additional 4 books in the 4 days after Christmas. Yay for books!

Total books read: 54
Best book read: Fire From Heavan - Mary Renault
Least favorite book of the year: A Summer of Drowning - John Burnside
Quickest read: I Want to Go Home - Gordon Korman read in 2 hours
Most ridiculous read: Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination - Helen Fielding
Total Library books read: 18
Total non-fiction books read: 14

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I, officially, hate technology. My internet is not fucked up, buy my computer is. It is fucked up to the degree that the guy who's job it is to fix internet problems has never heard of my problem and doesn't understand why the internet is not working.

I have decided that I am moving to the forest where technology does not work. I will hike out once a week to check the mail box and pick up a newspaper. Please contact me via homing pigeon, semaphore (4pm daily) or Morse code on drums.
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Just went through a bunch of old enteries and deleted a bunch of Russian spam. Is this a sign I should be posting to my journal more often?
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Course Selection Stress!!!

Arrrrrrgh, Political Science is offering very few courses this summer, which doesn't work with my plan to get rid of all of my 200 stuff over the summer. However, I can get US Politics (which I'm interested in) as a distance course. I've just never done a distance before. Do other people like them? It still counts as a regular class on my loans right?

I am so, so, so close to being done. I hadn't realized just how close. I need 1 course for dialogue, 3 courses for Communications and 7 for PoliSci. That works out to 3 semesters of classes. OMG, I could be done in a year! That's a very scarey idea. MORE SCHOOL PLEASE! WILL SOMEONE GIVE ME A MILLION DOLLARS TO PAY FOR MORE SCHOOL???
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(no subject)

Had a mini dialogue class reunion tonight, and it was AMAZING! Pizza and bowling - I bowl better while dancing apparently. I came in dead last with 47 point! Go me! There was much hugging of everyone, but especially tall hot Josh.

The only downside was that I lost an earring - and it was one of my favorites with dangly stars. This is the second earring that I've lost since mid-December.

Tomorrow (or rather, later today) homework reading, unit inspection of the water damage and a visit to my cousin in the evening.

PS: Nell is not sick - I think she was just a bit stressed out from the fire alarms.

PPS: I think I'm going to make waffles tomorrow morning - mmmmmmmm, waffles
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Blargh - so tired right now. Was woken up at 6am by the fire alarm going off. It had just turned off as I go to the lobby, and there were firemen, so I apparently slept through most of it. When I got back to my floor one of my neighbours was poking his head out and let me know this was the second alarm of the morning - apparently I slept through the 4am alarm. This does not seem like a good thing.

The other feature of my morning was the two large garbage cans in front of neighbours door which were collecting the water that was pouring from the ceiling. Note to everyone: roofing during the winter is a BAD IDEA.

And, just to make the morning terrific: I think Nell is sick. I still have some of her medication, thank god, so I won't have to find someone to drive me to the vet, but still!

Bad morning, really tired, going to sleep on the couch, I think.
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Mondays will suck this semester. Long long long day - 6 straight hours of class, with only 10 minute breaks inbetween. But, I soldier forth in the academic frey!! My classes seem interesting, although one of my TA's is kind of iffy - he conducted the entire class without actuallying giving us the assignment criteria sheet and was acting like we were so dumb for not knowing what he was talking about. Dude.

I am attempting to cook more. Last semester I didn't eat out a lot, but I had a lot of packaged/processed food and sandwiches. Have been doing relativly well in the last few weeks as actually cooking every night, and setting aside leftovers to be used later in the week. Will see how this holds up over the semester. I'm thinking of making Mondays a slow cooker night. I have one, rarely use it, and have time Monday morning to actually put foods together. Might give it a go. Also, attempting to eat breakfast every morning. It's working well so far. I froze pancakes! Go me!

I bought two squashes today. Am not entirely sure how to cook them, but they seem to come with instructions. Will attempt in the coming days.

Have started reading The Hundered Thousand Kingdoms but I'm not sure I like it. Will read more tonight.
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Annual Book Post!

Hello All! This is my annual book post - a complete list of all the books I read during 2010.

Number of books read: 44
Favorite read: Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card
It took the longest to read: Gone With The Wind (733 pgs in a year in a half)
It took the least amount of time to read: This Can't Be Happening at McDonald Hall (1 hour)
I'd Most Reccomend: Heat Wave by Richard Castle

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Because I Love Lists!

Recent book aquisitions!

A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway

The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins

The Turn of the Screw - Henry James

This Can't Be Happening at Mcdonald Hall! - Gordon Korman

The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway

The Wizard of Oz - Frank Baum (this one comes with a slightly creepy gift inscription!)

Alias Grace - Margaret Atwood

I Will Fear No Evil - Robet Heinlein

The Robber Bride - Margaret Atwood

The World in the Evening - Christophe Isherwood

The English Patient - Michael Ondaatje

Used bookstores rule! All of this was around $20ish, with store credit! (I love credit!) Hopefully these, along with some books borrowed from friends and family, and the rest of my previous "To Read" collection (about 5 books) will keep me occupied this semester. I have 2 hours of commuting to do each day and assuming I can stay awake on the bus, it will be great reading time!
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(no subject)

I found my files! I still have everything! Major woohoos!!

However, all of my programs are gone, so I'm slowly recoving everything I like, and reorganizing my computer the way I like. But, a bunch of stuff updated itself to newer versions, like Window's Media, and it's driving me CRAZY. The newer version sucks, and I want my old layout and look back. But yay, computer!