Kim (mik100) wrote,

Mondays will suck this semester. Long long long day - 6 straight hours of class, with only 10 minute breaks inbetween. But, I soldier forth in the academic frey!! My classes seem interesting, although one of my TA's is kind of iffy - he conducted the entire class without actuallying giving us the assignment criteria sheet and was acting like we were so dumb for not knowing what he was talking about. Dude.

I am attempting to cook more. Last semester I didn't eat out a lot, but I had a lot of packaged/processed food and sandwiches. Have been doing relativly well in the last few weeks as actually cooking every night, and setting aside leftovers to be used later in the week. Will see how this holds up over the semester. I'm thinking of making Mondays a slow cooker night. I have one, rarely use it, and have time Monday morning to actually put foods together. Might give it a go. Also, attempting to eat breakfast every morning. It's working well so far. I froze pancakes! Go me!

I bought two squashes today. Am not entirely sure how to cook them, but they seem to come with instructions. Will attempt in the coming days.

Have started reading The Hundered Thousand Kingdoms but I'm not sure I like it. Will read more tonight.

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