Kim (mik100) wrote,

Blargh - so tired right now. Was woken up at 6am by the fire alarm going off. It had just turned off as I go to the lobby, and there were firemen, so I apparently slept through most of it. When I got back to my floor one of my neighbours was poking his head out and let me know this was the second alarm of the morning - apparently I slept through the 4am alarm. This does not seem like a good thing.

The other feature of my morning was the two large garbage cans in front of neighbours door which were collecting the water that was pouring from the ceiling. Note to everyone: roofing during the winter is a BAD IDEA.

And, just to make the morning terrific: I think Nell is sick. I still have some of her medication, thank god, so I won't have to find someone to drive me to the vet, but still!

Bad morning, really tired, going to sleep on the couch, I think.

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