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So, fun times with my computer! I'm up at school right now, using the internet in the library.

I got home last night, and my computer was going nuts with some malware virus. AVG kept popping up every 30 seconds and it was kind of a disaster. But, I kept a cool head, and figured out how to get rid of the malware. The program found 51!!!! things to fix! How does that happen? So, after that was fixed, my AVG kept going nuts. So, I ran a virus scan and found 15 problems (again, how? Isn't AVG supposed to get rid of this stuff every night?) Then an AVG box popped up telling me it had fixed 10 problems, reboot to fix the rest. So, I rebooted and now my computer won't go.

From what I found on Google, the virus I had was attached to the files that actually boot up windows. And I think AVG deleted those files, so no Windows won't start. I can't get into safe mode and when I tried booting off of a an actual copy of Windows nothing happened. So, I'm going to go home and use my reset disk, and reset my whole computer.

I'm actually pretty Zen about it, kinda. I'm more scared that I'm going to screw up the resetting of windows than I am about loosing all my files. Almost everything is replaceable - TV, music, audio books, and craft patterns. I'm only really upset about loosing the pictures of my finished crafts and my 2010 Reading List.

What has really been freaking me out today has been the loss of the internet. I don't have wireless at home, so I couldn't use my laptop, and it was kinda hell. I felt completely cut off from everyone and everything. I couldn't look up hours for anything, phone numbers, buses, no Facebook, no Livejournal, no YouTube, no downloading, I'm at a complete loss.

So, unless anyone wants to call and talk me out of it in the next couple of hours, I'm going to reinstall Windows. Wish me luck!
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I slept in until 11 this morning, and now, at 1:30am, I'm not in the least bit tired. Going to bed now will only result in my laying there until 3am. So, up now, trying to get tired.

This is where my sleeping problems come from: staying up to late. I'll crawl out of bed at 8am, drag myself through the day, pass out for two hours when I get home and then be up until 3, repeat, repeat, repeat. If I'm not ready to drop when I get into bed, I just lay there for hours. How do I make myself sleepy?

Went to Old Navy today and bought jeans. They were on sale for $19 a pair, so I figured, why not? I haven't bought jeans in almost 8 months, and I need a pair that fit properly in light wash. Wasn't horrible thrilled with the two pairs I picked out, but thought it would do. Got them home, and started trying shirts and shoes on with them, and I'm now even more disgusted than I was. The fabric is really really cheap, they're shorter than I thought they'd be and they're so unflattering. I'm going to return them. Now, the quest begins again. I hate shopping for pants.

In non-complainy news, I've had a great weekend! Saturday I went to Kits Beach, sat under the beach umbrella and watched dogs playing in the ocean. Sunday I went to the Pride Parade and watched half naked people dance, and today I stayed home and watched movie. A very voyeuristic long weekend?

Tomorrow begins my social disappearing act, as I have a 3500 word essay due on the 13th (notable for also being the same day as my first exam). Then I get 3ish weeks of time off before beginning my Semester in Dialogue program and becoming the poorest! student! ever! Dear god, please let me get bursaries next semester.
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After being too depressed to keep reading Solar last night, I picked up Schooled by Gordon Korman. GK was my fav! author when I was a kid, and well into my teens. I read his McDonald Hall books over and over again, to the point where my copy of Beware the Fish! lost its cover.

But, so far, I'm not really enjoying Schooled. Granted, I'm only 60 pages in (I fell asleep reading it last night, and woke up at 4am to turn my lights off, book splayed across my face) and things my change, but it's kinda awful. The "bad" kids, the ones who are working against out hero Cap are almost cartoony in their villainy. There's no real reason that they're being mean to this kid, other than "he's different." And both of the female characters are being mean because they are worried what boys think.

And yes, I'm sure this will all change, and everyone will come to love Cap and all differences are solved. But it just all feels so arbitrary. Sophie doesn't seem to hate Cap because she's had another person added to her life, and had her home turned upside down without consultation, she doesn't like him cause he's weird. It's feeling one dimensional.
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Am reading Solar by Ian McEwan for my Dialogue program next semester. It's not a hard read, bits of it are interesting but the main character is such a pathetic sad sack that I'm not enjoying the read. Everything he does is full of disaster, and its all his own fault - every ounce of it and he knows it. He doesn't care about anything - he's only going through the motions of life and its depressing as hell to read.

Should be going to bed now, but don't wanna.
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Iz really really tired.

Tried studying, but fell asleep over books

Tried watching TV, but fell asleep in chair

Will try sleeping, hope to fall asleep
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Woe is Me

I'm siiiiiiiiiick:(

And, that is about as interesting as this post is getting.

I've been feeling not great for the past few days, but I woke up this morning and just felt awful. I'm supposed to work today at Michaels, but for the first time in a long long time I was able to take a step back and say "The money is so not worth being there and feeling like crap all day." Plus, I don't care. So, I called is sick. Go Me.

My boss tried to guilt me into coming in anyway She said "Oh, it's a really big truck today, and the Big Guy In Charge is coming in, and you're the third person to call in sick today." But instead of taking the bait, all I said was "Wow, that sucks. I hope I called in early enough that you can find someone to take my shift. See you on Saturday!"

Three years ago, I would have gone in, overworked myself and spent the day miserable. Today, I've gone back to bed and had more sleep, drunk lots of tea, and am still in my PJ's. I need the money I make working there, but I'm not paid enough to stay sick for another week so they have an easier time. I'm very proud of my new approach to work.

Now, I'm going to watch Pride and Prejudice, cross stitch, drink some more tea, have a nap and try to feel better. I have work at the Art Gallery tomorrow and they pay me way, way more.
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Have been neglecting Live Journal. That is not good.

Currently, my house is covered in crafts. There is knitting on the footstool, the coffee table, the couch and the end table. There is cross stitch on the couch and the end table. My craft room is making groaning noises and I seriously need to invest in more storage drawers. Yet, I was still tempted to buy pretty wool at the store today, for absolutely no reason.

I have had my first week of classes and so far they all seem like they'll be good fun. The subject matter in each of them overlaps a lot, but the readings are all different. My schedule for the semester:

Monday: 2 Classes running from 9:30-6:30 at Downtown and Burnaby
Tuesday: Work (usually mornings)
Wednesday: Work 10-5
Thursday: Class 11:30-2:30 Surrey
Friday: Class 9:30-1:30
Saturday: Work (schedual varies)
Sunday: off